Thanks to the sangat for showing their enormous support at Vaisakhi@Federation Square.

See you next year on 28th April 2018!

The Vaisakhi open air celebrations is a not-for-profit community event. It will be celebrated at Federation Square in Melbourne;
the most livable and vibrant city in Australia. A cornerstone of Melbourne success has been that of its citizens celebrating their heritage together.

Celebrating Sikhs In Australia

Golden Temple

Sikhism is a major world religion that traces its origins back to the 15th century in what is known today as Punjab.

Sikhism was started as social revolution by first teacher, Guru Nanak, who laid the foundation for a distinct and unique monotheistic faith based on the principles of equality and social justice.

Sikh Heritage Month is an opportunity to facilitate better understanding of the Sikh culture and its diversity among wider Australian community through the means of celebrating its major festivals.  It will seek support and will work in conjunction with local community & Australian governments as well as other cultural and social organizations.

Sikh Heritage Month aims to celebrate the contributions and aspirations of all Australian Sikhs and develop a greater understanding and appreciation for a rich, unique and diverse heritage.

Sikhs in Victoria

Sikhs in Australia represent a growing and dynamic population and have made significant contributions to the growth and prosperity of Victoria and Australia.

Vaisakhi @ Federation Square is an opportunity for people of Sikh heritage to connect with their history, raise Sikh Community profile, contribute to Melbourne’s cultural diversity and foster cultural understanding.

For more information on Sikhism we invite you to explore the sites:

Sikh Research Institute



Join Us In Celebrating Sikh Heritage Month, Australia